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{July 12, 2013}   Cottonwood Farmer’s Market!

My box starts up again NEXT week- and I am so very ready…but yesterday was the first week of the cottonwood farmer’s market. Although I could have spent the entire grocery budget for the week, I was really good and only spent $32 ūüôā

Here’s what I got:


1 lb plums (fresh fruit!), Lettuce mix, a dozen eggs- $11
1 lb of petite sirloin steak- $12
Cherry tomatoes- $3
2 heads of garlic, 1 bright yellow squash, 1 cucumber, 3 peppers- $6

Yummy for my tummy! I don’t know what we will make with it all, but I know my will be yummy and delicious ūüôā

Also- check out the clouds at sunset last night once the monsoon had started to move along:


LOTS of green going on this week. ¬†I am still having headaches when I eat stuff with a lot of onion in it, but have¬†found¬†that¬†peppers¬†can at least give some flavor and crunch to a recipe that is supposed to have more onions. ¬†The Ladies of LOVE Chapel Hill are having a “crock pot prep day” today and I am excited about trying out some new recipes. ¬†I am making this vegetarian recipe: Squash, Chickpea and Red Lentil Stew– got all the ingredients for 16 servings worth for $20- at Whole Foods. ¬†Eating healthy doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here’s what I got at the market today:

Fall finds 10/9

Costa Rican Coffee: $9

Hot pimento goat cheese and Luntias (brie like cheese)- $9 (SO missed my cheese fix when I didn’t go to the market last week- next week I’m getting pumpkin spice goat cheese and jalapeno queso fresco- love my cheese guy!)

Huge bunch of beautiful KALE and a bag of Tatsoi- $6 (KALE CHIPS!!)

Shishito peppers- $2.50 (Price is dropping- they must be on their way out- hubby will be sad)

Mix bag of bell peppers- $6

Grand total: $32.50

Also over the course of the last week and a half I have gotten 2 dozen duck eggs.  The layers are doing so good so far- averaging 2 eggs per day.  Eggs in everything! Keep up the good work little ducks!

That’s about $10 worth of eggs!

Have a yummy week- and if you need inspiration, check out In Her Chucks’ link party for more yummy ideas.

{September 30, 2012}   Menu this week (boy-less meals)

So sorry to not post yesterday but I did not go to the farmers market this week. I know. Shocking! But I was out of town at a marriage retreat so it didn’t happen. So this week the hubby will be gone Tuesday through Sunday working so essentially I have to fend for myself all week. This makes the grocery list short (and cheap), here is my menu board.


It’s bound to be yummy even if its simple. My ducks are laying eggs now so I can rely on eggs for protein! Also this batch of ginger ale is AMAZING and we only exploded one bottle this time around ūüėČ

{August 4, 2012}   8/4 Farmer’s Market

I went to the farmer’s market today with a list… and I successfully got all but one thing that was on said list. ¬†That all by itself is pretty impressive to me. ¬†Everyone had figs so I got some of those as my fruit for the week. ¬†I went to the Chapel Hill market again because I liked their peaches better than the ones from the Carrboro market and wanted to pick up a box of them. ¬†I’m teaching my co-worker Bridget how to can tomorrow. Don’t worry there will be many pictures!

So here’s what I got:

Farmer’s market fare!

Arugula, big tomatoes, bell peppers: $8

Herbed Goat Cheese, Raw Cow’s milk Gouda: $9

Zucchini, Squash and Figs: $6.15

Eggs: $4

Grand Total: $27.15 (Less than $30 means I’m right on budget!)


And here’s a sneak peak at the peaches ($20) but they will get their own post in a week or so:


Excited for my menu this week, so come check it out tomorrow. I’ve been finding many tasty things from the people I’ve started following at the link party. Go check it out!

What did you get at the farmer’s market this week??


{July 17, 2012}   Fatayer- Our own version

As I mentioned 2 sunday’s ago, we were going to try to re-create this thing called fatayer we had at a local restaurant:¬†Mediterranean¬†Deli. ¬†The Hubby did a pretty awesome job so I wanted to share it:

Homemade Fatayer

I made this lavash cracker dough so that he could roll it out pretty thin (dough recipe adapted from Bread Baker’s Apprentice)

1 1/2 c white flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp yeast

1 Tbsp honey

1 Tbsp vegetable oil

1/3 to 1/2 cup room temperature water

Stir everything together- add just enough water to bring it all together and then knead for about 10 minutes.  Let rise for around 90 minutes and then roll out to form the base for the boat.


1/2 red onion, sliced

spices: (to taste) cumin, Ras el henout, paprika, coriander, cardamom

2-4 oz feta cheese

1/4 cup (ish) yogurt

3 eggs

Cook onions until soft with spices, salt and pepper

Mix onions with cheese and yogurt

Shaped dough into a round

Spread onion mixture in middle

Fold sides of dough to look like a boat

Crack eggs on top

Cook on pizza stone at 375F for about 20 minutes (or higher heat for less time) until the dough is cooked

Let cool, slice and enjoy the yumminess

Having one bread winner instead of two does NOT mean less yummy food, but it does mean getting creative to keep things well within our budget. ¬†I googled cheap meal ideas and got a bunch of stuff with more meat that we eat in a month in one recipe, so I revised it to cheap¬†vegetarian¬†meals and came up with some tasty looking ideas. So here’s what we’ve got going on this week:

Stuffed Peppers- with what exactly will be determined by the hubby’s mood when he’s making them later this week I guess,¬†but¬†I’m sure there will be cheese involved and I’m sure they will be tasty

Soba Noodles– perhaps with tempeh or some other protein added in

Calzones– we were going for broccoli, but there wasn’t any at the market, so we might get some at the farm store or we might improvise and use something else in them

Tomato- Basil Tart– probably with homemade dough instead of puff pastry

Grilled Eggplant Parm (again) with this Napa Cabbage salad on the side

Salad- with Fresh whatever… as a simple weekend dinner after all of the birthday and work picnic fare that is sure to be very filling

Spicy chocolate coconut ice cream!

New coconut ice cream flavor: Spicy Chocolate with chocolate chips

1 can full fat coconut milk, 1/3 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp cocoa powder, 1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper; blend together and then freeze.

It was tomato day at the farmer’s market today. ¬†They had a display set up with something like 70 different varieties of tomatoes, many of which were available for tasting. ¬†It you don’t like tomatoes, today would have been a lousy day to be at the market because I’m pretty sure everyone except the bread and cheese vendors was selling primarily tomatoes. ¬†I had to hunt and make my way around the market twice in order to get all the other fruits and veggies I ended up with. ¬†I did get at least 5 entries into the tomato day raffle which I think is for free stuff from local businesses. ¬†Even though there was a fine mist coming from the sky, since I didn’t get to the market until 8:30am it was completely packed out and I chose to NOT wait in the massive line to try out the¬†ridiculous¬†amount of tomatoes. ¬†I just bought some instead.

Here’s what I got:

Tomato Day Veggies (Minus the one tomato that Einstein snatched right before I took this picture!)

Salad Mix,Head of lettuce, box of red tomatoes and FREE cucumber: $9.00

Peppers, Eggplant: $3.55

7 types of cherry tomateos: $3.00

Nappa Cabbage: $1.00

Purple Potatoes and Greenish-purple califlower: $5.50

Peaches and blueberries: $9.00

Onions and Tomatillos: $6.00

Grand total: $37.05

Free this week: Eggs, tomatoes from the garden, cucumber, various herbs

Check out what everyone else got from their local food sources this week over at In Her Chucks link party.


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite set of twins: Sam and Luke LeRoy are ONE today!

First of all, the winner-add-to-my go-to recipe of last week was definitely the Texican Lasagnamade from our leftover lamb sausage and black bean chili. It turned out so yummy as expected, and beautiful to look at too:

Leftover Chili “Texican Lasagna”

We still have a couple of slices left for some early in the week lunches.

Onto this weeks new menu items:

Yesterday we made Caesar salad from this Pioneer Woman cheater Caesar dressing recipe with an amazing salad mix form Tiny farms (it had marigold petals and baby dill in it!) and soem sliced cucumber and tomato and some homemade crutons out of some of the sourdough bread we made last week.

Making another pizza this week- might try it over the coals again: tomatoes,¬†banana¬†peppers…who knows what else; will also use the arugula this day: maybe on the pizza, maybe as a salad

Grilled Eggplant Parmesan from Sam the Cooking Guy

Tomatillo Braised Lamb Shanks– YUM! I helped the spanish lady at the market explain to one of the other shopped what tomatillos are and how they are used: basically always amazing in something stewed, or stewed on their own to make salsa verde. This recipe should be proof to that description.

Pasta with¬†Saut√©ed baby squash, probably some tomatoes, goat cheese left from last week, white wine and whatever other goodness my hubby sneaks in to make me like this pasta dish…

Bacon wrapped blue cheese stuffed figs (I know I’m the worst vegetarian EVER)- hubby is inventing this one too so who knows what else will be in them, but I’m sure they’ll be delicious.

Fatayer- our first attempt at this greek egg boat delicious thing that we’ve had at a local restaurant in town (they are the boat looking things in the pictures on the restaurants website). We are always trying to recreate things we had in restaurants because if we do this successfully, perhaps if it is successful I’ll get him to write down what he did for me.

What kind of yummy things are you making this week? Check out some more links at In Her Chucks for tasty ideas.

{July 7, 2012}   Farmer’s Market 7/7

Farmer’s Market Beauty

It was a colorful day at the farmer’s market this morning. ¬†I literally got something form every color of the rainbow! Also have some not pictured eggs and what I havent used yet from these beauties from a co-workers garden:

Garden sharing

We sliced one of those peppers and added it to our guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches and it totally made the sandwich even more AMAZING!

So here’s the price breakdown for this week’s rainbow of fruits and veggies:

Figs, 3 types of tomatoes, cucumbers: $16.00

Red and yellow onions, blueberries: $9.80

Salad mix and arugula: $7.00

Tomatillos and baby squash: $5.00

Eggplant: $2.00

Peaches: $5.00

Value of garden pickings and eggs: $7 (my price FREE)

Total Spent: $44.80

Total Value: $51.80

There are definitely some fresh salads in the near future. Not sure what else we’re going to¬†concoct¬†this week. Check back tomorrow to see what we decide upon. ¬†I’m going to check out the link party now to see if I get any new ideas!

{June 3, 2012}   Menu on the cheap

We have a set weekly budget for grocery¬†shopping. ¬†This includes paper products, food, soap, farmer’s market, etc. ¬†So every now and then some of those other “household” things catch up with us and we need to make an on the cheap menu. ¬†Dave Ramsey tells people to eat “beans¬†and¬†rice and rice and beans” to stick to their budget and keep food expenses down. ¬†That’s pretty much what we’ll be doing this week.

Here’s the Menu:

Beans and rice- classic application with a mess of dried beans cooked up that will be used in other things later in the week as well.

Vegetarian Tamales- based on this Alton Brown recipe, but sans turkey (obviously) plus some kind of veggie filling which I am sure will involve some of the beans

Fried rice- with whatever veggies sound good that day and egg and maybe tofu

Black bean tacos (again) because these were so good the last time- gonna use the jalapeno goat cheese inside.  Also gonna make some cabbage salad to go with- Most likely this will also be our send off meal for Ms. Amanda before she goes and works in El Salvador for a couple months this summer.

Quinoa black bean burrito bowls– thanks again to pinterest, we’ll be trying this one out

Lamb (this is free now that we have a freezer full of it- remember– straight from the farmer)- Thinking we’re gonna do the lamb in orange and onion sauce from Indian in 6¬†which you should buy if you like Indian food at all and have never made it. ¬†I realize this recipe is breaking the Latin theme of the rest of the week, but we have all the ingredients so it fits with the on the cheap them quite nicely. Also Lamb breaks the vegetarian theme of the week, but some consider lamb to be a vegetable (My Big Fat Greek Wedding: “he don’t eat no meat?… It’s ok, I’ll make lamb”)

et cetera