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Fall *Spring?* Market…


Got some more lovely fall produce at the market today.  And some sugar snap peas… who knew these would grow in the fall?! Also I answered a trivia question right on the cheese guy (Brady)’s email newsletter and got a $5 piece of cheese for free!


Here’s what I got:

Broccoli, Sugar snap Peas, and colorful bell peppers: $10

Garlic, baby ginger and baby turmeric: $2

Queso fresco, Gouda with caraway, Ricotta with garlic and chives: $7! ($5 off!)

Shiitake Mushrooms: $5.20

Turmeric and ginger


FREE Queso Fresco!

Grand Total: $24.20


Also, the Lovely Sue Murdoch is canning my pumpkins for me with her pressure canner.  Here is the first batch of pumpkin:

Indian River Pumpkin!

{October 13, 2012}   Farmers market 10/13

Here’s what I got at the market today:
$12 jalapeño queso fresco, ricotta and mozzarella
$8 direct trade Honduran coffee
$5 baby bok choy and sweet peppers
$5 shishitos (2 pints. Saved $1)
$6 sweet potatoes

Grand total: $36.00


Light market week

So its a pretty light week since we are going to Wilmington for the marriage retreat next weekend and we don’t need a weeks worth of food.  That and I have some stuff leftover from last week. Bonus points if you can guess what the item in the middle is:

Mystery item…

Here’s what I got this week:

Shishito peppers: $3

Arugula and bell peppers: $4.50

2 balls of mozzarella and some queso fresco: $16.50

Muscadine and Scuppernogg grapes: $2

Mystery item: $5 (scroll down to see what it is :))

Grand total: $28





















And the mystery item is:

Fresh Hibiscus!

I cannot wait to make up a batch of fresh hibiscus tea- HIGH in vitamin C and yumminess.  Also learned that you can eat the little petals raw and they are pretty yummy that way too.





Farmer’s Market (plus cucumbers and green zebra that we grew)

To anyone who dislikes fall, you cannot argue that this is a beautiful array of colors and flavors to be had this week.  Find of the week is definitely the fresh ginger- which will be contributing to a new *not exploding* batch of ginger ale!

Here’s the breakdown:

Mozzarella, Farmer’s Cheese and figs: $14 (supposed to be $14.25 but the guy likes me)

3 leeks, 1 bunch of basil: $5

Fresh Ginger: $3.70

Bell peppers, sweet peppers and tomatoes: $7.95

Shishito peppers, fairytale eggplants: $6

Sweet potatoes: $3.25

Cucumbers: FREE to a good home (will be bringing them to church tomorrow to share)

Grand Total: $39.90

{September 1, 2012}   Farmer’s Market 9/1

Well Hello September, nice to see you again! I like that fall is starting to coming! But today it still felt like summer at the market.

Farmers Market Fare

Here’s what I got:

Hondurian coffee (direct from the farmer to Carrboro): $8

Edamame, Mushrooms, Peppers, Shishito peppers: $11.75

Tomatoes: red romas, yellows and sungolds: $7.80

Mozzarella, Camembert., Eno Mountain Sharp (goat) cheeses: $14

Butternut Squashes: $2.75


Grand Total: $44.30


What I picked (and will be sharing with the Love Chapel Hill Crew tomorrow):

from the gardens… 9/1

Cucumbers, green zebra tomatoes, and purple cherokee tomatoes: $8ish in value


Have a yummy week!


So it seems that fall is making an early appearance here in Carrboro. It was chilly this morning when I headed out to the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market.  First thing I saw were some pumpkins of various sizes! That is a sure sign that Fall is fast approaching! Hooray- Fall is my favorite season. Not only because of pumpkin everything, but also because not being hot the minute you walk out the door makes me much more likely to spend more time outside and moving and less time on the computer or watching movies.

Anyways, here is what I obtained on this early fall morning (which was not really so early since I went to Chapel Hill and didn’t have to be there at 7 AM to get delicious options).

Early Fall Finds

Shishito peppers and juliette tomatoes: $6

Peppers and okra: $6

Garlic and shiitake mushrooms: $4.90

Fig Honey Chevre, Spicy Pimento Goat Cheese and Mozzarella: $13 (Got a dollar off for getting 2 spreadable cheeses-oh darn!)

Gala apples and muscadine grapes: $3

Edamame: $2


Grand Total: $34.90


Seeing the pumpkins made me decide to go check on the ones we had growing at the Love Chapel Hill Garden at Merritt’s Grill.  It’s kind of more like a jungle than a garden and I’ve been slacking on checking on it since we’ve gotten so much rain.  But anyways, I should not slack so much cuz here is what I found:

LCH Gardens Bounty

3 pumpkins (the plants were dead but these 3 pumpkins look pretty happy), 1 mini orange watermelon and 5 big cucumbers! That’s probably at least $15 worth of produce!

I know, tinniest watermelon EVER and ORANGE… don’t believe me? Check it out:

tiny orange watermelon


{August 4, 2012}   8/4 Farmer’s Market

I went to the farmer’s market today with a list… and I successfully got all but one thing that was on said list.  That all by itself is pretty impressive to me.  Everyone had figs so I got some of those as my fruit for the week.  I went to the Chapel Hill market again because I liked their peaches better than the ones from the Carrboro market and wanted to pick up a box of them.  I’m teaching my co-worker Bridget how to can tomorrow. Don’t worry there will be many pictures!

So here’s what I got:

Farmer’s market fare!

Arugula, big tomatoes, bell peppers: $8

Herbed Goat Cheese, Raw Cow’s milk Gouda: $9

Zucchini, Squash and Figs: $6.15

Eggs: $4

Grand Total: $27.15 (Less than $30 means I’m right on budget!)


And here’s a sneak peak at the peaches ($20) but they will get their own post in a week or so:


Excited for my menu this week, so come check it out tomorrow. I’ve been finding many tasty things from the people I’ve started following at the link party. Go check it out!

What did you get at the farmer’s market this week??


{July 28, 2012}   Chapel Hill Market 7/28

Went to the Chapel Hill Farmer’s Market today.  This market is smaller and I don’t know everyone as much, but there is cheese I can afford- made out of goat’s milk. I’ve had some kind of allergy stuff going on this week, so trying to go cow’s milk free for a little while and see if that was the culprit.  I got 3 types of goat’s milk cheeses: a cherve, a gouda w/ caraway seeds, and one called “sweet ash” which is kind of like a brie.  I am hoping that life will not have to be completely without cheese for me because that would be really sad.


So anyways, here’s what I got:

Chapel Hill Market has cheese!


3 types of goat’s milk cheese: $15

Mixed cherry tomatoes and “fairy tale” eggplants: $6

Best looking peaches of the season: $4

Leeks and onion: $4.85
Grand Total: $29.85


Freebies this week (from the lovely Susie Murdoch) 2 cantaloupes, 1 honeydew (which I salvaged and froze for smoothies), some figs (that I dried in the dehydrator) and some oat groats/steel cut oats (gonna see if they will sprout…).  I would have taken their picture, but out electric was out for about 10 hours the day I brought them home and then they had to be dealt with straight away.


Did not get to get any canning tomatoes at the little markets this week- so I’m gonna head out to Raleigh early tonight in hopes of getting some to do tomorrow and Monday on my days off.

I’ve said this before, but at the Carrboro farmer’s market the early bird really does get the cream of the crop. In this case, I got some lovely oyster mushrooms today.  I think in order to get mushrooms you have to be truly among the first wave of people, which today I was, because I have to work at noon today instead of my usual 5pm shift on Saturdays and I wanted to make sure I would have time to go to the market, eat, write this and get ready for work all before 11am.

Here’s what I got:

This weeks veggies! Mushrooms as the highlight!

Mushrooms and long peppers: $5.00 (the mushrooms were 4 so those peppers were like $0.25 a piece!)

Three big tomatoes (all different types): $4.55

1/2 lb of table grapes: $1.50 (A couple of these will hopefully provide the yeast starter for my next batch of ginger ale)

Goat Cheese: $4.49

1 red and 1 white onion: $1.75

Salad mix: $4.00 (Not from my regular salad mix guy who I couldn’t find today-sad)

Peaches: $5.00

Total Spent: $26.29

Spaghetti Squash and Mangos!

Also got some spaghetti squashes and mangos (3, hubby already ate one) from a co-worker who had too many: FREE! (Because she knows I love to be cheap). These aren’t at the market right now, so not sure what their value might be, but free is a good price if you ask me!

Earlier this week I called to pretty much every blueberry picking farm in the area and got the same story: “We have some blueberries still ripening, we might be open for picking on Saturday, but if we are it will be the last day.” Lovely since Thursday is the day I had open and wanted to go picking…

So yesterday I called farms further west in the state (typically they have stuff for a week or two longer than us), thinking I could go next Wednesday on my day off, but NO… same. exact. story.  So sad for me. Evidently due to the extreme heat everyone’s blueberries are done early.  Happily they were still at the market, but I had to pay a stupid tax for not finding time to go sooner.  I got this bucket of blueberries for freezing:

Stupid Tax blueberries!

Instead of costing about $12-15 like they would have had I picked them myself (assuming between $2-3/lb), these lovely berries cost $25 for the 5 lb bucket.  Now they are getting frozen so that I can have blueberry muffins in the winter! Selfish. I know.

In all fairness, there was ONE farm that was still open for picking… since they are “certified organic” instead of just “natural growing practices” they charge $6.95/lb to have the privilege of picking some of their berries yourself.  That would have made my 5 lbs cost about $35, which is how I have talked myself into the fact that these berries were actually a deal!

It was tomato day at the farmer’s market today.  They had a display set up with something like 70 different varieties of tomatoes, many of which were available for tasting.  It you don’t like tomatoes, today would have been a lousy day to be at the market because I’m pretty sure everyone except the bread and cheese vendors was selling primarily tomatoes.  I had to hunt and make my way around the market twice in order to get all the other fruits and veggies I ended up with.  I did get at least 5 entries into the tomato day raffle which I think is for free stuff from local businesses.  Even though there was a fine mist coming from the sky, since I didn’t get to the market until 8:30am it was completely packed out and I chose to NOT wait in the massive line to try out the ridiculous amount of tomatoes.  I just bought some instead.

Here’s what I got:

Tomato Day Veggies (Minus the one tomato that Einstein snatched right before I took this picture!)

Salad Mix,Head of lettuce, box of red tomatoes and FREE cucumber: $9.00

Peppers, Eggplant: $3.55

7 types of cherry tomateos: $3.00

Nappa Cabbage: $1.00

Purple Potatoes and Greenish-purple califlower: $5.50

Peaches and blueberries: $9.00

Onions and Tomatillos: $6.00

Grand total: $37.05

Free this week: Eggs, tomatoes from the garden, cucumber, various herbs

Check out what everyone else got from their local food sources this week over at In Her Chucks link party.


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite set of twins: Sam and Luke LeRoy are ONE today!

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