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{August 4, 2013}   Yum yum produce box #15

In the book Animal Vegetable Miracle, the younger daughter puts “fresh fruit?” on the farmers market shopping list. That is me too. Any and all fruit and I am excited. So imagine my happy face when I saw this week’s box contents:


4 large freestone peaches!!
3 apples!!
2 plums!!
2 red onions
2 crookneck squash
1 zucchini squash
1 bag basil
1 yellow onion
1 bag of sunflower sprouts
1 bunch of rainbow chard
1 bunch of kale

We’ve got a frittata on the menu to use some of the squash. We made this delicious pizza with one of the red onions. There are some salads in our future as well as some pesto pasta to use up some of the greens. But as for the fruit, I just want it in my belly. No other plans are necessary.

{May 25, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #12

Sad news. It’s my last box for a while, but the happy news is that we got a pretty good haul. Check it out:


10 baby onions
A pile of greens- Kale I think, maybe some collards, also chard
A bunch of wild spinach
A bag of sprouts (Surprise!)
A bag of white beans
2 Armenian cucumbers
3 squash/zucchini
A bundle of rosemary

So it should be pretty tasty this week. We’re going to use some of the zucchini (and some frozen carrots) to make a zucchini carrot bread. Located in my Eating Local cookbook:

The orange stickies are courtesy of my ladies, Carolyn and Alicia.

Also coming from this book this week will be radish feta flatbread and beet tops with feta, a beet tahini dip for snacking (raw beets- feeling adventurous!), and a 5 spice whole chicken on the grill.

The chicken that doesn’t get consumed on the first day will be added to a white bean chicken chili later in the week.

All those greens will afford us a salad night (with cucumber!)

Some of the radishes will also make it into the stir fry/Asian concoction we’ll be inventing.

Lastly, going to go for some Tuscan mussels and fries, to go with the Tuscan bread I’m making this week.

What are you making this week? I hope this all turns out as yummy as it sounds.

I’m linking up at In her chucks! Check out the other local CSA yumminess that is going on!

I found a farmers market in Camp Verde that opens in June- so hopefully I’ll only have a couple weeks with no local goodies to share.

{August 12, 2012}   Birthday Week Menu

This is going to be a yummy week. Hubby started his new job last week- it’s 2+ hours away, but he’s working more or less in his field and he brought home 3 bottles of wine after his 2.5 day stint. I’m going to have to start cooking a lot more for myself, instead of just brainstorming and writing about it. I’ve been spoiled by him having dinner ready when I get home from work every day. Also school starts back this week, so I’m going to be back to “real job” hours instead of “summer” hours.

So here’s what we’re having:

(Yesterday) My birthday dinner was rack of lamb and cracked baby potatoes.

Birthday Dinner

For the rest of the week:

Antipasto- marinated tomatoes, mozzarella, and salami (in a roasted garlic dressing); also fig honey blue cheese walnut toasts

Grilled eggplant parmesan (quickly becoming a summer go-to recipe!)

Goat cheese and veggie pasta (also becoming one of our go-tos…I’m supposed to get a lesson on how to make this myself…)

Egg Stuffed mushrooms (might add quinoa and maybe some other veggies to this)

Catfish with cilantro lime slaw (once again trying not to hate cilantro- lime does indeed seem to help with it’s soapy flavor profile)

Chana Masala (love how this blog prices everything out & yay Indian food!)

Also I am going to be making a double batch of granola (gotta make sure the hubby has something healthy to eat while he’s out of town).

And I’ll be baking a batch of bread to go with the antipasto, and baking up this coconut zucchini bread (which sounds like the best idea ever)

It’s going to be a yummy week (even if I have to cook for myself a few times…)

Tomato herb pie from last week.

Einstein tasting the rack of lamb


Farmer’s Market 8/11

Today is my birthday! I should have slept in, but the farmer’s market was beckoning to me, so I got up early and went. ¬†Here’s what I got:

Tiny potatoes, figs, garlic: $8.50 (First time we’ve had to buy garlic since we harvested ours back in June)

Huge eggplant, onions, purple cherry tomatoes: $7.50

Goat Cheese: $4.28

Raspberries: $5 (Got these since it’s my birthday- two fruits instead of one ūüôā

Grand Total: $25.28

I also got some more stuff for canning:

Canning fruits

$22 for everything pictured here: $4/lb for peppers and $1.50/lb for tomatoes. ¬†Ended up with over 3 lbs of peppers and about 6lbs of tomatoes. ¬†I’m going to be making jalapeno pepper jelly, pickled peppers and a batch of HOT salsa.


Hubby is making rack of lamb, potatoes and who knows what else for dinner tonight. YAY birthdays!

It was tomato day at the farmer’s market today. ¬†They had a display set up with something like 70 different varieties of tomatoes, many of which were available for tasting. ¬†It you don’t like tomatoes, today would have been a lousy day to be at the market because I’m pretty sure everyone except the bread and cheese vendors was selling primarily tomatoes. ¬†I had to hunt and make my way around the market twice in order to get all the other fruits and veggies I ended up with. ¬†I did get at least 5 entries into the tomato day raffle which I think is for free stuff from local businesses. ¬†Even though there was a fine mist coming from the sky, since I didn’t get to the market until 8:30am it was completely packed out and I chose to NOT wait in the massive line to try out the¬†ridiculous¬†amount of tomatoes. ¬†I just bought some instead.

Here’s what I got:

Tomato Day Veggies (Minus the one tomato that Einstein snatched right before I took this picture!)

Salad Mix,Head of lettuce, box of red tomatoes and FREE cucumber: $9.00

Peppers, Eggplant: $3.55

7 types of cherry tomateos: $3.00

Nappa Cabbage: $1.00

Purple Potatoes and Greenish-purple califlower: $5.50

Peaches and blueberries: $9.00

Onions and Tomatillos: $6.00

Grand total: $37.05

Free this week: Eggs, tomatoes from the garden, cucumber, various herbs

Check out what everyone else got from their local food sources this week over at In Her Chucks link party.


Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite set of twins: Sam and Luke LeRoy are ONE today!

Yesterday, I set out our newly arrived “Smart Mouse Trap” which is a live catch mouse trap that is supposed to catch mice that are smart enough to avoid regular traps. ¬†After a couple months of having multiple traps set and catching only beetles, we figured we’d give it a try. ¬†And low and behold, when I got up to go to the farmer’s market, there is Jerry freaked out and safely INSIDE the trap! So¬†before¬†I hit up the market I drove the 3 miles to the closest park *but hopefully far enough from home* and let him free into the woods. He was a good little passenger, but I hope not to see him or any of his friends again. ¬†We set the trap again just in case…

Jerry the mouse! Captured at last!

So since Jerry (and hopefully his friends) are out of our lives, here is the delicious food we’ll be noshing on (without having to sanitize the kitchen way too many times per day).

Yesterday, we made this roasted fig and onion thing, which was pretty tasty, but a lot of work and kind of a pain to eat… there are also not clear serving directions which could be part of the problem.

For the rest of the week:

Tomatillo enchiladas– have a butternut squash still lying around, also gonna add in some of our refried beans from a couple weeks agos beans and rice week.

Black bean quinoa bowls (again)

Vegetarian Chili- in our house this means a more jazzed up version of cooked beans, hubby makes it different pretty much every time (not my idea- it’s a bit toasty here in NC, but we can use the crockpot and keep the kitchen cooler I guess…)

GyrosРwith our local ground lamb and some homemade pita (I use the wheat version of the recipe in How to Cook Everything) and tzatziki sauce (super cute kiddo making the version in the link)

Purple potato gratin- yet another hubby invention, probably won’t look delicious but it should taste good- how can you go wrong with layers of potato and cheese right!?

Grilled pizza take two (as a side note, our apartment complex saw our pictures on the card table last time and have ordered a picnic table for our grill!)- hubby says he’s going to be incorporating the squash blossoms onto the pizza somehow…

The fruit this week simply has the fate of being delicious for snacking upon.

Still haven’t made the quinoa cookies I mentioned last week, but the oatmeal cups turned out VERY well- they are freezing up for storage now.

What kind of yummies are you eating this week?

Summer must be in full swing because I had to make myself a farmer’s market grocery non-list. ¬†This is a list of all the things that one should NOT spend their hard earned money on. ¬†Not because these things are less delicious than the rest, but because they are FREE-flowing from your own and your friends gardens, or maybe you can get them wild off the side of the road. ¬†Here are some of the things currently on the non-list:

Zucchini/Squash (these are pretty much ALWAYS on the non-list because they are also so easily frozen and saved for later)- looked like the average at the market was about $2/lb. These particular zucchinis came from the Love Chapel Hill Garden and I’m going to be taking them to church to try to give them away tomorrow!

Zucchini from LCH gardens

Blackberries (Einstein and I went picking on the side of the road last week)- we probably picked about $2.50 worth of blackberries for free- and they are just coming in.

Einstein “helping” pick blackberries

Freshly picked blackberries

Pink blackberries- we will be back!

Tomatoes and bell peppers are from the over flow of my friend’s garden, and the zucchini blossoms are from the Love Chapel Hill Garden at Merritt’s- again probably $2/lb for tomatoes and peppers usually are $1 a piece. ¬†Squash blossoms were $0.50 each the one week I saw them at the market.

Homegrown goodness

Alright then, that is about $15 or so worth of FREE produce. ¬†Here’s what I got at the Farmer’s Market to add to it:

Farmer’s Market Fare

Cucumbers, HUGE figs (!), and sungold tomatoes (if you have never tried these they are like candy!): $10

Onions and blueberries: $8

Peaches (Still the white ones, although they had some yellow freestones this week too): $5

2 lb bag of cornmeal, 1 lb of tomatillos (!): $6.50

Market Total: $29.50

Total Value of everything: $44.50

What are you growing? What’s in your box? ¬†What are you making with fresh local fare? Share it at the inherchucks link party. ¬†I’m there too ūüôā

Have a yummy week!

Once again it was a profitable early morning at the farmers market. Back home by 8 am! I might I back to bed after I write this all down! Here’s what I got:
$8.50 peppers, potatoes, blackberries, cucumber
$13.20 onions, sungold tomatoes, blueberries
$5.70 flank steak
$5 peaches
$4.5 chèvre
$4.90 tomato, green tomatoes
$4 raspberries
$2.70 broccoli

Grand total: $48.50


Went to the Chapel Hill market again today. Two reasons. To hopefully obtain some cheese and to get more peaches. The Carrboro market can’t be trusted to have fruit if you get there past 7am. Which is when I always get there. I am also liking the smallness of the Chapel Hill market. Anyways. It’s a kinda of small week but here’s what I got:


Big onions and local garlic: $3.25
Cabbage, tomatoes and strawberries: $9.50
Peaches: $5.00
Cheese (!): $10.50- got a Gouda like cheese with caraway seeds and a jalape√Īo goat cheese- oh happy day!

Grand total this week: $28.25

Check out my on the cheap menu for this week on tomorrow’s post.

{May 27, 2012}   This week’s yummy menu

It’s going to be a very tasty week. ¬†We got so many interesting things at the Farmer’s market yesterday. ¬†Here is the plan:

Homemade peach tea

Sangria– with raspberries, strawberries, hot pepper (which we grew)…

Quinoa greek salad- utilizing the cucumbers and tomatoes I got at the market- feta from the store since the cheese guy¬†wasn’t¬†at the market

French onion soup sandwiches on homemade bread because this sounds too delicious not to try it

Greek burgers on the grill, with grilled peaches- will be our first lamb burgers

Pizza night- peach pizza and italian sausage pizza (homemade from ground lamb)

Spinach lasagna with cottage cheese and tofu (inspired by these spinach rolls, but rolling sounds too tedious)

Chickpea and fennel salad over either couscous or quinoa

Ratatouille- baked hodgepodge of other veggies- potatoes, squash, zucchini, tomatoes for sure…


Fennel going in at least 3 things, peaches are doing the same… I think that’s a great start to some of the early summer bounty.

et cetera