My Yummy Local Life

{October 7, 2012}   Another Yummy Menu this Week

Crock Pot Party was wildly successful- I have many tasty meals to try out. More on that Tuesday.

Here is my menu plan for the week:

Pad Thai- with the tatsoi I got at the market

Fritatta- to use up some duck eggs ūüôā

Crock Pot meal- Chickadilla Soup (Using a¬†rotisserie¬†chicken so I don’t have to cook it)

Chicken Egg Salad (Use up the chicken and some more duck eggs- going to see how they do with hard boiling…)

Fried Rice (Because it was fast and amazing last week, and I still have more rice, and I can once again use a duck egg!)

Fried Rice

Crock Pot Meal- Mac and Cheese (Sauteing some veggies to mix in with it once its all cream-ified in the crock pot)

Catfish with KALE chips!

Also- I still have some bagels, so there will be bagels with spicy pimento goat cheese, avocado, and maybe the occasional fried egg…


Everything looks so yummy I’m not even sure what order this will happen in!


{September 2, 2012}   Menu this week!

It’s going to be another long yet delicious week. Here’s the menu plan:


Mushroom stroganoff- This is exactly like beef stroganoff but sans beef and with extra mushrooms added
Stir Fry with Tofu- another staple in our house, its just so easy to toss stuff together in a wok!
Pad Thai- one of our many go-to meals
Calzones- Pepperoni and cheese and tomatoes, oh my!
Pulled pork wontons- I am making this one up on the fly, but basically its going to be pulled pork with some veggies cooked in a wonton wrapper. Maybe some bbq-ish sauce for dipping…
Black Bean Tostados- Now that I have figured out making my own corn tortillas, these are quickly becoming another staple
Sweet potato and camembert quesadillas- adapted from the recipe at AnimalVegetableMiracle.Com

What yummy things are you making this week?

{August 5, 2012}   Menu on the cheap!

Burrito Salad: Fresh lettuce & halved cherry tomatoes with the contents of my leftover qdoba burrito and some goat cheese crumbles. Waste not, want not.

This week is going to be another yummy one. Still trying to keep to our skinny summer budget so it’s going to be more beans and rice type of recipes. ¬†Dave Ramsey would be proud of all the different ways we can change up the standard beans and rice.

So first thing will be standard black beans and rice. ¬†A mess of beans cooked up with “taco” like seasonings. ¬†We always end up adding sour cream and cheese and maybe even some salsa¬†since we put salsa with EVERYthing.

Then gonna make these “vegan” black bean and quinoa enchiladas. ¬†They would be vegan, except we eat real food in this house which means no fake-y processed soy based cheese. ¬†I got the recipe from Vegnews, which to their credit did not say you HAD to use fake cheese -it’s just one of the serving options. Whatever- Cheese is good! Also I’m going to try my hand at making my own flour¬†tortillas¬†this time around.

Sticking with the beans theme we’re going to try these lentil and zucchini tacos. I’m approximating, but I’m thinking the lentils will cost less than $0.50 and we’ll have plenty to spare. While I’m at it I might make some corn tortillas too…why not?

Ok then comes the NOT beans parts of the menu, but they are still pretty cheap:

Tomato Pie that AgriGirl posted last week- I have been wanting this since I saw the post! Gonna use the herbed goat cheese along with some fresh herbs from the garden.

Vegan Potstickers that I found on pinterest, but this blog has a great title so I’ll be exploring it more. I might even leave this particular recipe vegan!

NEXT Saturday is my 27th birthday, so we’re going to break out our rack of lamb from our half a lamb we bought back at Easter time. ¬†I don’t know how the hubby will make it but it’s sure to be delicious!

{July 29, 2012}   This weeks Menu

Moules Frites with Arizona Stronghold Wine and homemade soft bread. Favorite meal of the week.


This week is going to be simple and yummy. ¬†Gonna (HOPEFULLY) get to some of the things we’ve been hanging on to for a couple weeks- namely the napa cabbage salad. ¬†I’m still not sure why this hasn’t happened yet, but hopefully this week it will!

Never got around to stuffing the peppers again last week either, so those are back on tap.

As always, we have at least one salad day planned- since this is always quick and easy! Great for when one or both of us get home late.

Other than that we’re having:

Leek papperdelle– A Jamie Oliver recipe that is probably my favorite way to have leeks (and thank goodness to whoever is growing later season leeks- it’s nice to get a break from all the squash!)

Pizza- homemade dough, with fairy tale eggplants and other mixed veggies. My half at least will probably have one of the new goat cheeses on it…

Roasted Pepper Pasta¬†from pinterest via Lauren’s Latest

Moroccan Quinoa Salad and Quinoa Falafels- both from this blog we found on pinterest- unfortunately it doesn’t seem that you can click on individual posts ūüė¶

Lucky for me- it looks like my hubby is giving us a break from cilantro this week- I¬†survived¬†the meals that had it in there the last couple of weeks, but I’m pretty sure it will never be my favorite- super food or not I still think it smells and tastes like soap!

Yesterday, I set out our newly arrived “Smart Mouse Trap” which is a live catch mouse trap that is supposed to catch mice that are smart enough to avoid regular traps. ¬†After a couple months of having multiple traps set and catching only beetles, we figured we’d give it a try. ¬†And low and behold, when I got up to go to the farmer’s market, there is Jerry freaked out and safely INSIDE the trap! So¬†before¬†I hit up the market I drove the 3 miles to the closest park *but hopefully far enough from home* and let him free into the woods. He was a good little passenger, but I hope not to see him or any of his friends again. ¬†We set the trap again just in case…

Jerry the mouse! Captured at last!

So since Jerry (and hopefully his friends) are out of our lives, here is the delicious food we’ll be noshing on (without having to sanitize the kitchen way too many times per day).

Yesterday, we made this roasted fig and onion thing, which was pretty tasty, but a lot of work and kind of a pain to eat… there are also not clear serving directions which could be part of the problem.

For the rest of the week:

Tomatillo enchiladas– have a butternut squash still lying around, also gonna add in some of our refried beans from a couple weeks agos beans and rice week.

Black bean quinoa bowls (again)

Vegetarian Chili- in our house this means a more jazzed up version of cooked beans, hubby makes it different pretty much every time (not my idea- it’s a bit toasty here in NC, but we can use the crockpot and keep the kitchen cooler I guess…)

GyrosРwith our local ground lamb and some homemade pita (I use the wheat version of the recipe in How to Cook Everything) and tzatziki sauce (super cute kiddo making the version in the link)

Purple potato gratin- yet another hubby invention, probably won’t look delicious but it should taste good- how can you go wrong with layers of potato and cheese right!?

Grilled pizza take two (as a side note, our apartment complex saw our pictures on the card table last time and have ordered a picnic table for our grill!)- hubby says he’s going to be incorporating the squash blossoms onto the pizza somehow…

The fruit this week simply has the fate of being delicious for snacking upon.

Still haven’t made the quinoa cookies I mentioned last week, but the oatmeal cups turned out VERY well- they are freezing up for storage now.

What kind of yummies are you eating this week?

{June 17, 2012}   Menu for the week of 6/16

It’s a pretty chill kind of week.

6/16 dinner is grilled pizzas (and a grilled fruit tart- using this super neat recipe builder that I found) in celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary. This is our first take at grilled pizza. Also made some white peach belliniswhich were very delicious.

Our first grilled pizza with tomato, red onion, mozz and fresh basil.

For the rest of the week:

Heading out the the Fullsteam Local¬†Virginia¬†foods “Neighbor to our North” event on 6/17 to continue our weekend of relaxing and celebrating. ¬†If you are in the area and don’t have something better to do for Father’s Day, you should head on over and check it out.

Monday is Gary’s grad school oral final exam- if you pray, send him some good vibes!

The rest of our menu in no particular order:

Cheese-y pasta wine dish- probably gonna hide some frozen shredded zucchini in here for veg and use the cherve goat cheese

Bulgolgi made from local flank steak of course with sticky rice and mac salad (although not as much as last time when we were eating it for a week and a half)

FRIED GREEN TOMATO salad- yeah that’s right, fried and salad in the same sentence- that’s how we roll…

Broccoli Mac and Cheese- kind of our own scaled down version of this one, Gary makes up his own cheese-y delicious sauce.

Broccoli¬†Parmesan¬†Fritters– probably gonna make these on the side of the mac and cheese for a little crunch- Thanks for the suggestion Leslie! Realy can’t go wrong with a smitten kitchen recipe anyways ūüôā

Quinoa Swiss Chard Salad– as you may be thinking- she did not buy any chard yesterday at the farmer’s market- that is correct, but never fear, there is plenty of it growing over at the LCH Garden!

Other things I want to try that I saw this week: Oatmeal Cups from Val over at My Imperfect Peace and Quinoa Cookies form Two Peas and Their Pod- both of these looks like they will make excellent snacks and/or breakfasts. YUM!

Peach Bellinis- do yourself a favor and make this!

et cetera