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{September 1, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #18 & #19

Clearly I am a slacker, as I came to post about this week’s box only to realize that I did not tell you about last week’s box. So I guess you’re in for a treat since they were both beautiful.

Here is box 18:


Cherry tomatoes
Medium tomatoes
Giant Hopi squash
Giant Armenian cucumber
Sprouts (of course)

So much delicious and fresh food! I still haven’t used the Hopi squash. It’s in the plans for this week’s menu though.

And here is box 19:


Cherry tomatoes
Red onions
Sprouts ( 🙂 )
Chili peppers
White eggplant
Butternut squash

Again- quite the bounty. I am cooking for myself a lot so the menu tends to change more than when hubby is home to cook. We are planning on some pasta dishes, some risotto, some pizza (with homemade raw milk mozzarella)…basically a lot of comfort foods. I shall leave you with this quote from the book I’m reading:

“We practice hospitality, creating soft and safe places for people to connect and rest.”- Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist

{May 11, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #10

Here is box number 10! Two more weeks to go after this.


This week we got:
Bag of sprouts (know that if you come visit me I might make you leave with some sprouts)
Garlic scapes
Beets w/ tops
Garlic chives
Baby bok choy

If you ask me, I’d say that’s a pretty good haul!

We’re keeping it pretty simple this week.

The bok choy will be halved and seared with some kind of Asian sauce we will probably make up on the spot, served with tofu and rice.

Some of the chard will probably make it into calzones later this week, along with the kale we still have from last week. (And homemade cheese and hopefully home grown mushrooms!)

The rest of the veggies will become part of our side dishes. We’re going to try our hand at some chipotle copy cat this week and make pork carnitas in the slow cooker. Going to use the beef recipe as a rough guideline.

My bread of the week is flour tortillas so how they turn out will determine if we make tacos or burritos.

The leftover pork will then become BBQ spaghetti, probably with a side of greens or roasted veggies.

If you want some sprouts, come and get them. I’m becoming sprouted out!

Have a yummy local week!

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