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{May 25, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #12

Sad news. It’s my last box for a while, but the happy news is that we got a pretty good haul. Check it out:


10 baby onions
A pile of greens- Kale I think, maybe some collards, also chard
A bunch of wild spinach
A bag of sprouts (Surprise!)
A bag of white beans
2 Armenian cucumbers
3 squash/zucchini
A bundle of rosemary

So it should be pretty tasty this week. We’re going to use some of the zucchini (and some frozen carrots) to make a zucchini carrot bread. Located in my Eating Local cookbook:

The orange stickies are courtesy of my ladies, Carolyn and Alicia.

Also coming from this book this week will be radish feta flatbread and beet tops with feta, a beet tahini dip for snacking (raw beets- feeling adventurous!), and a 5 spice whole chicken on the grill.

The chicken that doesn’t get consumed on the first day will be added to a white bean chicken chili later in the week.

All those greens will afford us a salad night (with cucumber!)

Some of the radishes will also make it into the stir fry/Asian concoction we’ll be inventing.

Lastly, going to go for some Tuscan mussels and fries, to go with the Tuscan bread I’m making this week.

What are you making this week? I hope this all turns out as yummy as it sounds.

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I found a farmers market in Camp Verde that opens in June- so hopefully I’ll only have a couple weeks with no local goodies to share.

{May 18, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #11


It’s our eleventh box this week! Holy cow time flys! Here’s what we got:

Sweet Potatoes
Beets w/tops- still up for debate if we like these or not
Sprouts- want some? I’ll share!

Whew! Quite a haul this week.

We’re planning another root vegetable and sausage bake with some of the sweet potatoes and beets (and turnips we still have).

We got a grill while garage sale-ing! So we will be grilling some steak and making a big Caesar salad. Going to serve these up with some homemade flour tortillas- which were a hit last week and are being made again.

Lentils and quinoa are still on the menu from last week-curry style. I hope we get to them!

Fried swai (fish) and spaghetti with some sautéed chard greens on the side is on tap for a little southern taste.

It seems the hubby is in an inventing mood- the menu board says squash gumbo with javelina sausage. I’m not are what that entails exactly but it should be yummy.

Also we’re going to roast up a bunch of squash and use it on a pizza (with a fresh batch of homemade mozzarella) and on some pasta for a lighter dish.

Sorry not any recipe links this week- we’re going with many of our invented classics. I’ll try to get some pictures and post some of them later perhaps.

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{May 13, 2013}   Make Your Own- It’s Fun!

So I just thought I would share a few things that I have been making instead of buying these days. Some are still in progress so I don’t know if they will be successful or not. I generally will try to make anything at least once. Most things end up being easier than they look and it’s fun- and also healthier- knowing how your food is made and what is in it.


One Gallon of organic humanely raised whole milk yields about one pound of mozzarella cheese. The kit I bought will make up to 30 batches of mozzarella this size so I should be getting plenty of practice. Regular fresh mozzarella (milk source unknown) usually runs us about $6 for half this amount. $6 is what I paid for the top quality milk.


The growler is fermenting some homemade root beer (from extract). It started to explode in the house and is now living in the garage. The mason jar is home to wild fermenting strawberry vinegar. Currently it’s still in the wild yeast (wine) phase, but in a couple weeks it should start to turn to vinegar. My guess is this process may be shortened a bit by the heat.



I got a kit to grow mushrooms from a box. It says it will take 10 days. The first picture is about 3 days in. The second is about 6 days in. We plan to harvest some starting on Thursday. The box was $22- if we get about a pound of oyster mushrooms I think we’ll break even, anything over that and it will be free mushrooms.

{May 11, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #10

Here is box number 10! Two more weeks to go after this.


This week we got:
Bag of sprouts (know that if you come visit me I might make you leave with some sprouts)
Garlic scapes
Beets w/ tops
Garlic chives
Baby bok choy

If you ask me, I’d say that’s a pretty good haul!

We’re keeping it pretty simple this week.

The bok choy will be halved and seared with some kind of Asian sauce we will probably make up on the spot, served with tofu and rice.

Some of the chard will probably make it into calzones later this week, along with the kale we still have from last week. (And homemade cheese and hopefully home grown mushrooms!)

The rest of the veggies will become part of our side dishes. We’re going to try our hand at some chipotle copy cat this week and make pork carnitas in the slow cooker. Going to use the beef recipe as a rough guideline.

My bread of the week is flour tortillas so how they turn out will determine if we make tacos or burritos.

The leftover pork will then become BBQ spaghetti, probably with a side of greens or roasted veggies.

If you want some sprouts, come and get them. I’m becoming sprouted out!

Have a yummy local week!

I’m trying to make a different bread every week of the year. So far this is what I’ve got:

Week 1: Challah bread

Week 2: English Muffins

Week 3:Oatmeal Rolls

Week 4: Harvest Grape Bread (pull apart rolls)

Week 5: Potato Rosemary Bread

Week 6: Casatiello bread

Week 6 bonus: King Cake

Week 7: Focaccia Bread

Week 8: Italian Bread

Week 8 bonus: Plain soft pretzels/bites

Week 9: Pitas (x2)

Week 10: Pizza/Stromboli

Week 11: Irish soda bread

Week 12: Bread bowls

Week 13: Made with Love Bakery’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread

Week 13 bonus Bacon Epi(c) Bread

Week 14: Southern Biscuits


Alton Brown’s biscuits are my go to recipe, although I didn’t have any shortening so I used straight butter. They were still good with our biscuit and javelina sausage gravy dinner.

Week 15: Corn Bread with bacon


We made corn bread to go with our chili. The hubby doesn’t like corn bread except straight from the oven. I froze the rest for next time we have chili.

Week 16: Marbled Rye Bread



We made a homemade corned beef and homemade sauerkraut and thousand island dressing- together for this bread to make Reuben sandwiches. Maybe soon we can also make the Swiss cheese for the sandwiches too!

Week 17: Cilantro sesame rolls


We got cilantro in our CSA box and were making a cilantro soup (as you can see I’m becoming much more brave about cilantro). The rolls were tasty. We took the leftovers to share with our church group on Cinco de Mayo.

Week 18: Garlic Scape, Pepper, cheddar bread


We got garlic scapes in our CSA box, and I found this recipe as I was trying I figure out what to do with them. It was a delicious choice and could almost be a meal by itself!

* Unless otherwise noted/linked up, all of my bread recipes come from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Book, which I would highly recommend.

{May 4, 2013}   Yum Yum Produce Box #9

There was bounty in my box this week. Check it out:


Here’s what we got:
– 7 summer squash/zucchini
– 1 huge bunch of cilantro
– 1 bunch of kale
– 1 small bunch of beets with tops (chard)
– 1 large bunch of garlic scapes
– 1 bunch of spring onions
– 1 bunch of quinoa leaves/quioletes/wild spinach
– 1 large bag of sprouts

So the summer squash so early is quite a surprise, although there are places in the state that already feel a lot like summer. We’re going to make squash pasta- basically pasta with roasted/sautéed squash, some garlic and onions and some goat cheese- all made into a sauce with a little white wine. I’ll try to take pictures and post the recipe.

Our current favorite way to eat kale is inside of a frittata so I think we’re going to do that again with some various veggies added in to it. I’ve been basing it loosely on this sweet potato kale frittata.

Favorite ingredient of the week is garlic scapes. They are very strong so a few goes a long way. We added them to the top of our cabbage casserole on Thursday, and put some in our enchiladas last night. I think they will be in everything this week. However the specific plans we have for them is a scape and beet top pizza with Brie- combining this and this recipe.

My bread of the week will also contain the garlic scapes (and peppers and cheese). The bread will then be used for grilled cheese sandwiches for lunches and French onion soup sandwiches for dinner one night.

These sandwiches are one of our fall back staples but we haven’t made them in a long time. I’m really looking forward to them. We’re also making another staple in our house- quinoa burrito bowls which will use some of the cilantro and the quinoa leaves/wild spinach.

The beets themselves…ok. Here’s where I get nervous this week. We’ve tried them a few ways before and neither the hubby nor I have found them to be very tasty. More like they taste like clean dirt. Anyways were going to try roasting them along with some sweet potato as a side dish and see how they go. I’ve got about 6 different methods pinned on Pinterest so we’ll see!

Aside from that I am overrun with sprouts. I can’t seem to use them enough and I think I have about 3 weeks worth in my refrigerator right now! Eek! If you live close to me and want some to share please let me know! Also if you have any good ideas for using them, chime in! We usually put some on salads, stir fry, in egg wraps ect. but we still don’t seem to make a dent before the next box comes!

Have a yummy week!

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